Restoring the lives of orphans & vulnerable children in Uganda

Our mission is to empower & inspire under privileged children in Uganda

From experiencing child abuse and orphanage, to being forced into child labour, too many children fall victim to hardship that is out of their control. Amber Foundation was starter with the goal of giving all children in Uganda a fair and equal chance at life.

Mukoota Primrose helps some of the children at Amber Foundation

Mukisa Elisa

Before he was brought to Amber Foundation, Elisa lived at the extreme end of Wakiso district where his step mother tortured and abused him. He has missed several years of study because of his abuse and the economic stress on his family.

Since joining Amber Foundation, Elisa has started home schooling (due to COVID-19) and has grown to be very diligent and compassionate. With further mentoring from his friends and the Foundation's community, it is still possible to put a light in his future.

Supporting the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals

Amber Foundation aligns its activities with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and has pledged to positively contribute to the end of poverty, expansion of access to education, reduction in gender inequality amongst children and youth, and global sustainability.